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Like a comma hung on the horizon, from the Mont St. Cyr viewpoint the city tumbles towards you in a huddle of 

ochre-coloured roofs, leafy trees and a maze of little streets. "Divona Cadurcorum", the antique Roman city was well sited : this was particularly evident in the Middle Ages, when it became a busy merchant city. In the 13th and 14th C., Cahors enjoyed extraordinary economic prosperity. It shows in its architecture : rue Daurade, rue Nationale… 

Now the "county town" of the Lot, Cahors proudly mixes different periods and styles, half-timbered houses and mullioned windows.



Unlike any others in France, Cahors' Secret Gardens have repossessed unused, unloved spaces in the city, providing a 

different way to explore the mediaeval streets.


Climb up to the Mont St. Cyr viewpoint : the view really is superb! Early in the morning, the mist parts to reveal the city, at night the streets and alleyways are picked out by lights, details are clear in broad daylight…

In the Middle of Nature, Close to the city 

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