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           Open from the 30th of April to 1th of October 2022

Welcome to 'LE CLOS BARRAT'


Come, enjoy!


In the most fascinating region of France, where the summers are warm and the horizon has no end. On the plateau where the most characterful wines from France come to life, nature is still intact and the celestial sky makes us hush. The pure air and 'la moindre des choses' or all the small things make people happy here.
Deers greet you at dawn and wild orchids color the spring. The surrounding villages and landscapes exude the true French atmosphere: sidewalk cafes, art and heritage, long walks and castles.

Flavorful, fresh dishes invite you. Come, taste and discover ...

Here, where friends meet again, many nationalities come home and a heartfelt "bonjour"  sounds every morning. Here, where Yolanda and Johan welcome you with peace, simplicity and freedom.

Vous allez expérimenter le vrai naturisme au Clos Barrat !

Bienvenue au Domaine "Le Clos Barrat".

Yolanda & Johan


minimum stay 3 nights

Promenade au Clos Barrat

A look over the campsite? Curious about the atmosphere? Look at our photo album.

Reception 9.00h - 11.00h et 13.00h - 18.30h