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Le Clos Barrat
Yolanda en Johan

We , Yolanda and Johan aspire for years to conduct an independent activity and

create a place where our guests can have their " best time of the year."
A place where our guests find the relaxation in nature of which they dream all year .

A place where you are free, you find time to be and just enjoy all the little things .
We now want to take the step because we are ready ...

We welcome you to "Domaine Le Clos Barrat "
Yolanda and Johan




5 years later and a bit more gray-haired we continue to build on our life's work with great enthusiasm.


“Yolanda and Johan, we wish you a lot of succes in making your dreams come true.
We believe you'll make a beautiful piece of land there.”

Camping Le Clos Barrat is in the beautiful valley of the River Lot in South West France. For most of its existence it was owned and run by Michel and Monique, and when they retired a few years ago, they sold it to another French family, but for various reasons they in turn decided to sell it on to another French couple. By 2014, the camp site was in a sorry state, suffering from a lack of investment and general maintenance. Many regular clients felt that closure of the site was only a matter of time. In 2014, the campsite was bought by Johan and Yolande from Belgium and since their arrival, the campsite is firmly back on track. Johan and Yolande, who are multi lingual, have carried out a series of carefully planned improvements, which include a new set of all-weather vehicle tracks to different parts of the site. The reception area and bar have been cleaned and redecorated. Two toilet blocks have been completely renovated and a sauna installed in one of them; and work on the third toilet is under way. All the toilets are cleaned daily. The old chemical toilet disposal point which was a sanitary disaster has disappeared and has been replaced by one that is well designed and fit for purpose. The piles of rubbish that littered the camp site have disappeared. The swimming pool has been improved and there are fully equipped holiday cottages for hire. There are several events during the week which include walks, petanque, yoga; on Monday evenings there is a small market which includes a wijnboer, a bee keeper with honey and truffles and a pastry chef. There are also communal meals at least twice in the week. What has not changed is the friendly atmosphere, the open views around the site and the wild bird and animal life. If your idea of a holiday breakfast is sitting outside your tent or van, in the warm sunshine, with a freshly baked loaf of bread, a cup of coffee and listening to the whistling song of Golden Orioles in the trees around the site, the Le Clos Barrat is certainly the place to be.

John and Barbara S.

I have been back to Le Clos Barrat as a single person for the last six years and every year it gets better and better , the site has come from just a place to stay for a while, now its a site that i must go back to again and again ,Johan Yolanda has made the site that you must go to and enjoy the wonderful hospitality the quiet area and all the recreation , the mini gym ,sauna, swimming pool , tennis court , petange (4) , the walks, bike rides , yoga , aqua gym and many others , in the evenings gather round the fife pit for a chat a song a wonderful local wine (or two) the next night bring your food for the get together BBQ and most nights get together with your fellow campers for cards, darts, a chat, table tennis and a glass or two the evenings are wonderful join in the rewards are great , hoping to see you each year and every year The Top class camping site .

Peter B.

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